The lively Christmas markets are one of the best parts of visiting Europe this winter. They allow you to travel back in time and revel in old European traditions, all the while enjoying enticing holiday aromas and twinkling lights. Put yourself in the Christmas spirit this season by checking out some of our handpicked European Christmas market destinations. Our 9-day guided itinerary shows you the best of the best. Make your way from one winter wonderland to the next with the help of Daytrip!

Day 1: Fly into Zagreb

Advent, Zagreb Croatia 


Advent in Zagreb features a series of holiday events held in the city square. Events including various programs, choirs, ensembles, and dance groups among others. There’s also an ice park, Christmas Fair, and a live nativity scene to get you in the holiday spirit. Enjoy a cup of warm mulled wine and the igloo-shaped rakija bars. 

After warming up with some mulled wine, get ready for a morning trip to the lovely city of Budapest. Don’t forget to check out some fun side trips along the way from Zagreb to Budapest.

Day 2: Budapest, Hungary 


The Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival is located in Vörösmarty Square, the heart of the city. Enjoy a delicious honey cookie at one of the 122 wooden stalls or go for a festive Hungarian dish like the stuffed cabbage or roasted pork knuckle. The festival also boasts an outdoor stage that will host over 200 programs for adults and children throughout season. 

A quick soak in one of Budapest’s thermal baths will have you well-rested for your next road trip from Budapest to Vienna to see what Vienna has in store.

Day 3: Vienna Christmas World, Vienna Austria 


Vienna hosts a plethora of Christmas markets for you to enjoy. Christmas World features 149 stalls with traditional Christmas gifts, crafts, food, and more. Enjoy the festive lights, ice skating in the park, and a gingerbread decorating workshop to experience all that Christmas World has to offer.

After a romantic couple’s skate, get ready for tomorrow’s trip to from Vienna to Salzburg – the picturesque city.

Day 4: Salzburg Christkindlmarkt, Salzburg Austria 


Christkindlmarkt is situated at the foot of Hohensalzburg fortress. Experience old Austrian tradition with over 95 exhibitors and several musical performances. The Christmas stalls offer many holiday gifts including: textiles, natural products, crafts, and toys.

Once you’ve picked up some of the best homemade gifts, take the short trip from Salzburg to Munich for some more holiday fun.

Day 5: Munich, Germany 


There are around 20 Christmas markets located in the city of Munich. The Christkindlmarkt is held in front of Munich Town Hall, a prime location in the heart of the city. Enjoy the festive live music, children’s crafts and games, gospel singing, ice skating, and delicious culinary delights. You can also buy your loved one Bavarian Christmas gifts such as wood carvings or glassware.

Next up? Nuremberg! A Travel from Munich to Nuremberg by car in less than two hours is all that stands between you and some delicious homemade gingerbread.

Day 6: Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg Germany


Known as Germany’s Christmas city, Nuremberg boasts more than 180 market stands to fully enjoy the Christmas holidays. Don’t forget to sample the famous Nuremberg gingerbread, which has been baked in the city for over 600 years.

Say goodbye to Germany and hello to the fairytale city of Prague, Czech Republic on your next Christmas market adventure.

Day 7: Prague, Czech Republic 


Travel from Nuremberg to Prague to visit the most famous Christmas market in Prague which is held in Old Town Square. Enjoy mulled wine and a sweet trdelnik (cinnamon rolled pastry) while basking in the sight of the huge Christmas tree dominating the center of the square. Get yourself some traditional Czech products and homemade crafts beneath the famous Astronomical Clock.

After reveling in the beautiful Old Town Square, make your way from Prague to Dresden to experience Germany’s oldest Christmas market.

Day 8: Dresden Striezelmarkt, Dresden Germany 


Dresden is home to Germany’s oldest Christmas market. The city features 11 completely different markets to explore. The captivating city has a romantic and festive charm. Watch glass-blowers, bakers, and carvers at the craft markets. Also be sure to check out the world’s tallest Christmas pyramid (14 meters) and the world’s biggest nutcracker.

Last (but certainly not least), make your way from Dresden to Berlin for your final stop on our ultimate Christmas Market extravaganza!

Day 9: Berlin, Germany 


Berlin boasts around 50-100 Christmas markets. Some of the most well known ones are Gendarmenmarkt, Opera Palace, and Alexanderplatz. They offer food, crafts, live performances and a skating rink. Enjoy the ferris wheel at the Red Town Hall market.

Congratulations! You just completed Daytrip’s ultimate Christmas market itinerary. With a full belly and douse of holiday spirit, it’s time to fly home! Until next year 🙂

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